English Camp 2018

Yong Peng High School Held its First English Camp in 2018

      To motivate students to learn English, Yong Peng High School held its first English camp on 14 July 2018 from 1:30 pm to 9:00pm.

     The English Department organized different kinds of fun and exciting English learning games, group competitions and presentations for the students.


     Around 120 students of Junior Middle One and Two joined the camp.  The participants were divided into twelve groups. In addition, to develop leadership skills of students, about 70 students helped plan and facilitate the activities.

     As facilitators, the students had to conduct all the activities in English and this allowed participants improve their listening skills.

    Engaged in a range of activities aimed at providing participants a chance to practice English by actually speaking it, all students had fun while improving English in an easy and natural way.

      In the evening, there was an open campfire organized by the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. During the opening of the campfire, the Girl Guides had a captivating dance performance.

     After that, the Principal, Mr Tey Kok Fu, English teachers- Madam Hew Kim Moy, Madam Chang Huee Chong, Madam Joanne Ling, Miss Ng Lee Chin and the coach of the Girl Guides, Miss Lim Yi Jing were honorably invited to lit the campfire.

    While the campfire was burning, all participants stood in a circle and played Simon Says that is a fun game that helps in exercising listening skills.

     After the game, Mr Tey Kok Fu presented prizes to the group winners.  After the award presentation, the participants sang and danced merrily.

       To create a good English Language learning environment,the school organized English Year this year.  English Year aims to provide opportunities for students to develop themselves as confident speakers of the English Language.

     To achieve this, a variety of activities such as assembly speeches given by students, learning a quote a week, learning English through movies, an English singing contest and an English camp have been planned to encourage and motivate students to use English frequently and confidently.

      Furthermore,  to inspire students to improve their English,  signboards with motivational quotes have been put up on campus buildings.


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